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PGDA announces Talent Award 2024

19 Nov 2023

PGDA is proud to call for the second edition of the Austrian-wide Talent Award for student & scholar projects

After the successful introduction in 2023, PGDA will continue to support the local newcomer scene by inviting scholars and students from all over Austria to participate in the Talent Award 2024.

PGDA is encouraging young talent and helping students, as well as graduates, get started in the games industry. The goal for this award is to cherish the outstanding education quality in all districts throughout the country, visible through the astonishing projects created by talented young developers for their graduation. Basically, PGDA wants to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work done by schools that have established internationally acclaimed curricula for games, putting a spotlight on their achievements over many years.

The increased visibility resulting from this award helps students and scholars to commercialize their projects and explore entrepreneurial opportunities, such as forming a company around their first game. Taking inspiration from many successful predecessors and best practices from various universities and schools, this initiative showcases Austria’s thriving game development industry and raises awareness among decision-makers.  

Road to the award

PGDA is currently in the process reaching out to all partner schools and universities to raise awareness for the Talent Award 2024. The association will actively invite the soon graduate students to use the current winter as well as the upcoming summer semester to prepare their submission.

The submission period will start in April 2024, addressing all students and scholars currently actively studying at an Austrian school that offers a game curriculum. Like last year PGDA is partnering up with LEVEL UP – The Gaming Festival in Salzburg taking place from 29th – 30th June 2024.

Next a jury consisting of game industry professionals will assess all applications based on the criteria listed in the terms & conditions. Based on these criteria the jury will create a shortlist of 3 projects that are invited to present their games at a booth (one for each project) at LEVEL UP – The Gaming Festival in Salzburg in June 2024.

Please take a moment to give the first winners of the Talent Award in 2023 a big applause. The team of Coral Cove, students from FH Salzburg won the first edition of the Award and took advantage of their grand prize, a booth at gamescom 2023 in Cologne, by extending their network and meeting many international industry people.

winners of the talent award on stage

Award Ceremony Level Up Festival July 2023

Award Ceremony

There are a lot of good reasons to participate in this award. Next to the chance to present your game for free (besides travel & accommodation costs) at LEVEL UP – The Gaming Festival and the increased visibility, PGDA in collaboration with FH Salzburg, who hosts the Indie Games Area, offers the following prizes:

  • The winner gets a booth at gamescom in Cologne in August 2024
  • The winning team gets a 12-month mentoring program supported by established studios and local senior developers across all disciplines
    • This will help you shape your project and take the first steps in a possible commercial future

Booth at Austrian gamescom group stand 2023

PGDA is proud of the scene we have in Austria and the knowledge as well as experience that is available. Like last year an international jury consisting of Austrian professionals working abroad will judge the submitted projects.

Terms and Conditions

PGDA will publish detailed requirements in the upcoming weeks, but as follows a brief overview of what is mandatory to submit your project:

  • You need to actively study at a school or university in WS 2023 & SS 2024
  • Provide a playable build
  • Submit a Pitch Deck
  • Provide a Trailer & Screenshots
  • Hand in a PR Factsheet

Thanks for your attention and stay tuned for more information to come soon!

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