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Austrian Games Industry

The PGDA monitors the activity and development of the Austrian games industry by publishing an biennial Industry Report. This research provides an overview of the most important facts, figures and demographics of the Austrian game development scene. 

Overview of Austrian industry: 90 companies, 500 jobs, 25 mil EUR revenue

Industry Report 2019

This research report was commissioned by the Austrian Economic Chamber and the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, and was carried out by the research institute IWI. 

The report is available for download (German, with an English summary).

The Numbers



Revenue in millions of euros

Austrian companies: 50 in Vienna, 12 in Styria, 9 in Tyrol and Salzburg, 16 in Lower/Upper Austria.
Developers count and distribution: 245 in Vienna, 53 in Lower and Upper Austria, 60 in Tyrol and Salzburg, 115 in Styria

Distribution of Jobs

The number of developers working in the Austrian games industry, distributed in the country. The majority of jobs is found in Vienna (245), followed by Styria with 115 jobs.


Developing for many platforms

  • PC is the platforms most Austrian game studios develop games for
  • Mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets are the second largest category
  • One third of Austrian game studios develop games for console platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo
Type of game platforms: 33,3% consoles, 71,7% PC, 65% mobile, 16,7% web

Supported by


The Austrian Economic Chambers represent more than 540,000 member companies. As the voice of Austrian business, the WKÖ is committed to forward-looking policies which benefit the economy e.g. tax relief, cutting red tape, subsidies.


The goal of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs is to further enhance the positive development of the Austrian business location, to actively take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digitalisation of business and society and to strengthen entrepreneurship.


The industrial economists of the IWI analyze production structures in a system oriented way and use that to develop forward-looking politico-economic concepts and solutions.

Austrian Game Industry 2019

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