Vignette: Memories of Baruu

Shortlist Talent Award 2024


Vignette is a 3D photography simulator and hidden-object game set in a ghibli-esque world inspired by 90s anime. It’s a cozy, but emotional experience where the player will meet and get to know unique characters. Armed with nothing but a camera, the player will help the worlds inhabitants cope with the end of the world by fulfilling their requests and letting their creativity run wild!

Use and unlock a bunch of lenses and camera settings to personalize the way you capture the world around you – all while being easy to use for absolute photography beginners and very familiar for long-time photographers. Fill out your album and complete quests however you prefer, the design process is completely up to you!

Its inspirations include games like “”Umurangi Generations”” and “”Spiritfarer””, but of course also the works of Hayao Miyazaki, specifically movies like “”Kiki’s Delivery Service”” or “”Princess Mononoke””.

Educational Institution

Fachhochschule St. Pölten



Medientechnik; Game Development and Engines, Game and Experience Design


Studio Name

nike romero.


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