Shortlist Talent Award 2024


Roguebot is a fast-paced third person action-roguelite in which the player must fight their way to the top of a futuristic facility. Armed with a plethora of firearms and melee abilities you get to control a small robot on its journey through three distinct sections. The deeply interwoven story unfolds as you find mysterious satellites that lie scattered in this ominous environment. No run is the same as the floors are procedurally generated.

Every aspect of the game is taken care of by somebody who loves their craft. Our hope is that the player gets to feel some of this love as they make their journey through the enticing and mysterious world of Roguebot.

Key Features:
• Fast paced action combat with responsive movement
• A shop system in which the player gets to strategically decide what modifications to buy in order to discover synergies between different equipment mods and abilities.
• 3 distinct biomes/sections that feature procedural levels with different enemy types, environmental hazards and visual themes.

• With meticulously crafted short stories, and interactions with NPC’s, players unveil the mysterious fate of this world.
• The cyclical nature of the Roguelite genre becomes a story-telling tool.
• Decide between 2 endings, which heavily influence the post-game experience. Go beyond good and evil by finishing the run to the top twice and see both sides of the story.

Educational Institution

FH Oberösterreich, Campus Hagenberg



DIgital Arts, Media Technology and Design


Studio Name

Roguebot Productions


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Third Person




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