Nominee of the Talent Award 2024


The idea for PostlAir originated at our annually “”Gamejam”” Festival at the “”University Of Applied Sciences Upper Austria”” in Hagenberg i.M. with the topic “”Mean Machine””. Our Team participated in this gamejam and was able to develop PostlAir within 36 hours with an average sleep-time of about 4 hours. Everything in this game, even the music, all textures and UI, was created by ourselves. Only very few sound effects we simply couldn’t record were externally downloaded.

Postlair is a game about delivering packages to the right houses with a delivery truck that behaves absolutely physically correct. There is a time limit and you must shoot packages into the marked properties before going home.

Each day you can upgrade your delivery truck to become even faster or more agile! Your remaining time after each day will be converted into your score and added to your total score which can be displayed on a global leaderboard after you did not complete your delivery in time.

In order to deliver all packages in time you will probably crush some fences. But no worry! The delivery driver likes destroying stuff and he will let you know!

Educational Institution

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Campus Hagenberg



Digital Arts und Interactive Media


Studio Name

‘Federal Space Invaders 👾


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  • Racing





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