Hot Noon

Nominee of the Talent Award 2024

Prepare for a Showdown

A local multiplayer party game that’s all about the classical western stand-off. Draw faster than your opponents and prepare to catch their incoming bullets mid-air! HOT NOON is fast-paced and filled with tension.


Reaction-based mind game

Each player controls a cowboy, but only one will be left standing in the end. With one life and one bullet, it’s a high-stakes duel. Fire your shot when opponents least expect it and react quickly to catch incoming bullets.


1–4 Local Multiplayer

Play with up to four players locally or through Steam Remote Play! Simply join the game, assign yourself a button, and giddy up for a good ol’ showdown.

Educational Institution

University of Applied Science Salzburg



Studio Name

Eskentert Productions

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  • Local multiplayer
  • Party minigame
  • Casual




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