Nominee of the Talent Award 2024


The project is a 2D Platfomer, inspired by the likes of Undertale, Shovel Knight and Celeste. The project is made to be played on a Windows PC in 1920×1080.
The story of BreakCore started during the pandemic in 2022. Maida (the team lead) wrote a 13-page document of the first draft for the storyline, later expanding on the characters and story as the project was under way.

In BreakCore, you play as Maci, a green reptile girl, destined to stop the world from falling further into the depths of Hell. The world has come to this state through mutual destruction of nations, with each war making Earth less and less inhabitable, plunging it into the lower layers of Hell. The main goal is to close all the Breaks in the new civilization of the Core. On your journey through the Core, you meet interesting characters, interact, and talk with them, and get clues on how to achieve your goal.
The current Demo version only includes one of the levels, the Circus. This level is projected to be the one before the final level.

Educational Institution

TU Wien



Software and Information Engineering


Studio Name

Orange Cat Studios








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