Synth Cycles

Nominee of the Talent Award 2024


“Block Ship Royale is a multiplayer battle royale game in which players build and modify their spaceships and engage in tactical combat in a fight to be the last ship surviving.

While the market for battle royale games appars to be pretty saturate, that saturation is mostly on FPS type battle royale games while leaving space for players preferring tactical gameplay or fans of RTS.

In Block Ship Royale you start with a small ship with a set number of blocks and then start to explore the galaxy and attach new blocks by flying into them. Then you can rearrange them as needed before you come across other players and need to fight for your live.

It is conceptually inspired by the game “”Blockships””, however only in the amount of someone having told me about that game without me ever seing the actual game until much of the vision for BSR was already set.

With this project we show that talent in Austria is not only limited to creating amazing single player experiences but also capable to spawn ambitious networked multiplayer games.”

Educational Institution

FH Salzburg





Studio Name

Block Ship Royale


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Battle Royale





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