Bagels Of War

Shortlist Talent Award 2024


Bagels of War is a casual strategy game inspired by the games like Plants VS Zombies and The Battle Cats. It offers a deep strategic experience while at the same time appealing to a wide range of players, through its charming world and characters and accessible gameplay.

The game sets out to make strategy gaming more accessible by offering an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master approach. Unlike many strategy games with steep learning curves, Bagels of War ensures a satisfying experience for all types of players. Its delightful theme adds to its appeal, helping to invite newcomers to the genre. With its richly crafted world, filled with charming characters, an engaging story, and an abundance of bread-themed memes, the game injects humor and personality into every aspect of its design. Furthermore, we believe that Bagels Of War has the potential to foster a strong community around the game, through its iconic characters, with unlimited options to expand on this new IP.

Educational Institution

Universität Klagenfurt



Game Studies and Engineering


Studio Name

Slampants Studios


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