Nominee of the Talent Award 2024


For our GSE Master course, we created a game called RGBATTACK to submit to the PGDA contest. Our Project is a 2D, Single Player Tower Defense Game with card elements. The focus is on strategic building i.e., placing the different coloured blocks and adapting to new situations (disasters, new or more spawners, expanding the map). Our game has a variety of towers and paths, making each run unique. The player must strategically place cards and plan to survive each wave.

During the game, destroying minions unlocks special cards that can be used to attack. Poor decisions can hinder the player’s progress, and occasional disasters require strategy rethinking. If a minion escapes through a manhole cover and all health points are lost, the game is over, but activated elements carry over to the next round. The game’s theme is digging down into the sewers and preventing the minions from conquering the city. We got our inspiration from other tower defense games that allow dynamic paths.

Educational Institution

Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt



Course: Advanced Topics in Game Research and Engineering


Studio Name





2D Tower Defense





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