Nominee of the Talent Award 2024


Your father, the genius tinkerer Dedalus has crafted you majestic wings for your grand escape from this boring island you have spent your entire life on. Until now. Spread your wings and fly, Icarus! But be careful as your father warns you. “”Don’t fly too close to the sun, pride comes before a fall!””
Whatever, he doesn’t know of your sick flying skills, does he? Are you ready for the challenge?

Hybris is an arcade style, auto-scrolling, action runner game, where you play as Icarus, the pride but utterly bored son of Dedalus who wants nothing more than to finally escape. Prove your flying skills by continuously dancing on the edge between being burned by the sun or drowning in the ocean while dodging obstacles coming your way. Flap, dodge and dive your way through a never ending parkour above the Aegean Sea.

Maneuver Icarus safely through obstacles. Power-ups and nose-dives gain back energy and zephyrs carry you. Do not stay too close to the sun for too long. As you might have already heard the Greek myth’s tragic end.

“”High risk, high reward”” sums it up quite neatly. Play as Icarus on his way off the island Crete in a browser game reminiscent of bygone times’ flash games. Flap, dodge and dive either on your smartphone or your computer and beat the highscore.

Don’t fly too close to the sun!


Educational Institution

Kunstuniversität Graz





Studio Name

Bazooka Luca Games


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  • Arcade
  • Mobile





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