Guide Me

Nominee of the Talent Award 2024


Guide Me is a fun local co-op puzzle platformer where one sees more than the other. Jump, run and dash using mouse and keyboard and let yourself be guided through the obstacles or… don’t use inputs at all while guiding your partner with nothing but your voice! Improve your communication skills to reach the goal together with your companion.
Test your skills in 8 different levels where you solve puzzles and overcome e.g. platform challenges.

The main goal is to provide the possibility of playing only with your voice so that people without any gaming experience or people with disabilities have a low entry barrier in the world of gaming.

It’s also higly inspired by philosophical questions about the interaction between humans and AIs, you will question your own way of communicating by giving orders and listing carefully to execute orders. After completing ‘The Compatibility Test’ you will find a result screen with feedback of your companion to strengthen your bond.

Educational Institution

University of applied Arts Vienna (Die Angewandte, Wien)



Experimental Game Cultures


Studio Name

Duke Productions


Product Page



Co-op Puzzle Platformer





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